Keynote Address & Super Sessions

Opening Keynote

Use data to disrupt others, don’t let it disrupt you!

Did you know that 52% of Fortune 500 companies have been disrupted since 2000? Find out about digital disruptive forces that can challenge well established companies. More importantly, find out how you can be in control in this environment and be a disrupter rather than being disrupted.

Super Session 1

Time to take control over your most valuable asset in Enterprise – Data

New workloads like big data, open source databases, and hyperconverged systems necessitate a different approach for data protection and resiliency. Explore the latest end to end innovations that makes protecting these systems smart, simple and modern.  Experience automation and orchestration around recovery to better deliver against business expectations. Visualize how easy it is to ensure all cloud workloads are protected and easily recoverable, across multi-cloud environments. Enjoy common visualization, orchestration, and monitoring across all of these key areas, and take your data protection, management, and capitalization approach to the next level.

Super Session 2

Take control over storage costs with intuitive management and simplicity

Manage your storage to achieve the scale of cloud and cost structure of tape having near primary storage SLA. We will show you how easy it is to tier or migrate data to 50+ cloud targets – including direct to AWS Glacier. Lastly, we’ll cover how Veritas’ new policy-driven workflows and automation improve the management experience end-to-end. Experience this innovation with real product demos that will show you how to better enable your software-defined data center and facilitate your multi-cloud.

Breakout Track A

Enterprise Data Protection

What's new in NetBackup 8.1.2?

Learn more about the new NetBackup 8.1.2, designed to modernize your backup infrastructure with innovative solutions like simplified and streamlined User Experience, NetBackup RestAPIs, Role-based Access Control, Release Independent workload support, and enhanced consumption reporting.

Modern Workload Support in NetBackup

With the patented new NetBackup Parallel Streaming™ framework, we can now provide support for modern, next-generation workloads such as Nutanix (AHV) and Hadoop (HDFS), as well as support for popular open-source RDBMS  such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and SQLite. Come see what’s new with NetBackup support of modern, next-generation workloads, including NetBackup Parallel Streaming v2, SDK, support for new workloads and partner programs to help you be successful in the era of modern, next-generation workloads and applications.

Sneak Peek into Veritas IRIS

Veritas IRIS™ is a brand new next generation scale-out hyper-converged solution that aims to simplify the backup infrastructure and enables data protection for diverse applications and workloads running on-premise and in the cloud. This session will share more details on this up-coming solution.

Breakout Track B

Software-Defined Storage & Digital Compliance

Cost Effective Scale-Out Storage Platform for Long-Term Retention Data

Attend this session to learn about a Veritas’ turnkey scale-out software-defined NAS offering – a policy driven multi-protocol storage solution optimized and tuned for high-capacity workloads with long-term retention (LTR) such as tape replacement, backup/archiving, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) archive tiers.

Archiving with Office 365

SMTP archiving is becoming the most popular form of archiving email. Come and attend this session to see how your organization could implement SMTP archiving for O365 or any other email services. How to use your archive for Compliance, eDiscovery, productivity enhancement and storage optimization?

SLO Driven Multi Cloud DR Orchestration

Multi-cloud strategy underpins today’s digital businesses. With fragmented IT landscape comes various challenges – visibility into the health of business services, predictable recovery with DR readiness, achieve compliance through non-disruptive recovery rehearsals and automation of DR runbooks that encompass recovery procedures across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Attend this session to see Veritas Resiliency Platform in action to tame these challenges and ensure recovery confidence of complex business services.

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